Time 4 Change - Downsizing

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Are you thinking about downsizing but feel overwhelmed at the thought? Do you have too much "stuff"? Here are some tips on where to begin:


1. Mentally prepare yourself and determine your goals in the process. Are you downsizing for retirement? For an opportunity to turn your equity into new experiences? Need to be closer to care or move into an assisted living, etc? Understanding your end-goal will dramatically help you begin to declutter & prepare yourself for the moving process.


2. Take a slow walk through your home and as you walk, think about what has been used within the last year. If it hasn't been used, ask your self if it is a necessity in your life. If you think you can live without it then get rid of it. Be honest with yourself as you do this - if you truly don't use something (like that treadmill that doubles as a second closet) out the door it goes.


3. If you can't decide whether or not you cannot live without certain items, put them in a box and store it somewhere for a few weeks/months. If you don't go looking for it within that time, get rid of it. 


4. When you think you're done getting rid of things, walk through your home again and repeat the process. 


5. Have an idea of the home you'd like to move into. If you are currently living in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home and you want a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, you have a few rooms to eliminate.


6.  Don't forget about your storage areas! Attics, basements, closets, etc. You'll probably be surprised at how much stuff collects in these areas over the years. If you find boxes that haven't seen the light for years - don't hesitate, get rid of it.


7. Set deadlines for yourself. If you put decluttering off until it's time to move, you'll overwhelm yourself and cause unnecessary stress. Pick a date for a garage sale, advertise it, and start your decluttering! 


8. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't need to take on this project alone. Invite some friends & family over, order a pizza and happy decluttering! 



Not sold on the idea of downsizing? Check out these stats from 



Remember - take the emotion out of downsizing and really think about if this is the best decision for you. If you decide you are ready to move forward call us today! We can support you through the entire process! 



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  Please contact your local Golden RE/MAX Alliance agent to learn more.  Click Here for the directory.



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